A new look for Delivery Hero online

01.06.21 | by Filippo Gin & Caroline Kan

This year Delivery Hero launched its new corporate website. The result of amazing teamwork between the Brand Team and Corporate Communications –  joining forces to create a new fresh and modern look.

Our position as the world’s leading local delivery company shines through in every element of the design and content – users are taken on a journey through the Delivery Hero story, from a timeline overview of important milestones, to understanding our global family of brands, our dedication to sustainability, and our values that guide us throughout.

The project mission

The first step of this project was to organize a workshop with the teams, to gather feedback and insight on the main website purpose, type of audience and the information architecture. We defined 3 main areas of action:

  • Refresh, modernize the look & feel of the website
  • Review the structure and purpose of the content
  • Give clarity and awareness to the company nature, values, and brands

New visual guidelines

Colour usage

The re-design embraces Delivery Hero’s new visual guidelines and updated colour palette. A pared-back colour palette makes the site brighter, using our signature red as an accent colour.

New colour palette

A new modules-based design

We focused on an improved, modern design based on modules, allowing content creators to mix and match design elements as needed, saving time and effort. New pages can be easily edited and created based on the website’s needs. Pre-styled modules also make it easy to maintain a consistent look and feel across an entire website.

Design elements in the new system


We use illustrations to explain concepts in fun, celebratory ways and keep written content short and sweet. Below you see them showcasing our company values. Check out more on how illustrations can impact a brand in this article!

Illustrations are used to create impact and bring concepts to life

New Content & Photography

The Corporate Communications team worked really hard to ensure top quality content, more than just words and images strung together but instead creating a strong storyline that pulls together the various elements of a global business: good content reflects the values of our company, creating a strong impact on the viewers, directing them towards quality information and insights.

New sections exploring Delivery Hero’s business model and ecosystem, incl. quick commerce and new verticals alongside food delivery. Users can easily navigate a wealth of content – including 3 different blogs, upcoming events, HeroVoice podcast, and more.

Have a look at the new website!

As a result, the overall look is sleeker and simple, letting Delivery Hero’s position as an industry leader and innovator shine through.

Enjoy the new website!

01.06.21 | by Filippo Gin & Caroline Kan