efood’s guide to rebranding in the time of Covid-19

24.06.20 | by Ellie Kouremenou

Everything was ready; as efood was expanding to new verticals – including a major supermarket chain, fishmongers, liquor stores, mini markets and dessert shops – we wanted our branding to not only reflect food but reflect the variety, the speed of delivery and the options we offer to our customers. With that in mind, it was time to update the “e” of our logo with a fork and knife to something closer to our vision and brand identity in order to envisage all of the different services we are delving into.

Our new logo, with its colorful and fun design showcasing all the wonderful things efood can offer, was ready. We had located all necessary touch points, created our delivery boxes, prepared all our social media applications and were in the process of counting down to its release date.

Hold up

And then – COVID-19 hit. The government shutdown, social distancing and social isolation were introduced, and as a result confusion, uncertainty and worry took over. All the excitement and anticipation of our fun and creative new brand unveiling disappeared.

We didn’t know how to proceed with the launch. How would we share our new logo, fun colors and different verticals plus create hype with the likes of a massive PR campaign and social media and influencer campaigns when people were losing their jobs, worrying about their health and concerned about their families and friends?

A decision had to be made. On the one hand we didn’t want to lose or further delay our rebranding but on the other hand we couldn’t appear out of touch. So, in the uncertain times of COVID-19, we had to change our entire rebranding strategy.

Moving forward

What we proceeded with was a (super) soft launch – so soft that it would almost go unnoticed. That is why we slowly started to introduce elements of our rebranding in different touch points without hyping ourselves up. First, we changed our delivery boxes, then we changed the logo across social media, then our icon on social media campaigns until we finally updated it on our app and website.

This way, we were able to do a rebranding without hogging the spotlight from bigger things we were doing which we felt were extremely valuable at the time; our “Love Delivered” CSR campaign, our “riders are heroes” initiative, our collaboration with a universally loved supermarket brand) while gently educating users about our new verticals. Not once did we shift the focus from the seriousness of the reality surrounding us.

As Greece is now slowly opening, we are now operating with a fully established new logo that is quickly gaining recognition in the minds of our users, keeping brand understanding without appearing out of touch.

We hope you love our new look as much as we do!

24.06.20 | by Ellie Kouremenou