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Event Date: 24 Oct 2019

Advanced React Patterns, Effective & Automated Testing, and more!

We are excited to be hosting our second React-focused Meetup on October 24. At the upcoming event, our speakers will discuss using advanced React patterns and how to test your application effectively and in an automated way.

We’ll also tell you all about the perks of coming to our annual conference React Day Berlin ( happening on Dec 6. 😉

# Event Schedule

18:30 – Doors open: snacks, drinks, networking
19:00 – Introduction
19:10 – 🗣 “Effective testing: How to write tests that let you confidently deploy on a Friday” by Mohamed Oun
19:40 – 🗣 “Reintroducing Advanced React Patterns” by Ohans Emmanuel
20:10 – 🗣 “End to End automation testing with Cypress” by Vitor Reis
20:30 – Finishing beers and more networking

# Talks

## Effective testing: How to write tests that let you confidently deploy on a Friday
by Mohamed Oun

Have you ever worked on a codebase that had a high test coverage, yet regularly had bugs slip into production? This can lower our confidence in our tests, and make us question why we even bother with them. In this talk, we’ll cover how to write tests that get us the most value and confidence for the least effort.

About Mohamed (

Mohamed is a full-stack developer at GroupXS who’s excited about the JavaScript ecosystem and its future.

## Reintroducing Advanced React Patterns
by Ohans Emmanuel

Design patterns exist to provide consistent solutions to common problems.

Advanced design React patterns also exist for providing consistent solutions to building truly reusable components.
With hooks, how we write these patterns have changed significantly. In this talk I will explain what’s changed, why they are important, and practical use cases for the 6 Advanced React Patterns with Hooks.

Even more interesting is the fact that I’ll do this with code & a lot of comic strips!

About Ohans (

Ohans has been helping engineers build their careers in software development for years. Having authored over 5 books, he’s always stoked to share the knowledge he has gained with other software engineers.

## End to End automation testing with Cypress
by Vitor Reis

In this talk, we will discuss some examples of common end to end test automation flows with cypress, it will be a hands-on talk with some live coding about testing web products with Cypress. Lessons learned & considerations on our search for high confidence in test automation in order to enable continuous deployment.

About Vitor (

Engineering Manager. Developing applications at Delivery Hero Logistics team, automation for the win; making our engineering lives easier.

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