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Event Date: 21 Aug 2019

Node.js Meetup #35

We are looking forward to hosting our first Node.js Meetup here at our HQ!

Talk #1: Cypress – e2e testing for Web in 2019
Shahjada Talukdar will describe how to setup Cypress, write end-to-end tests for modern single page web applications which rely on asynchronous REST APIs, run tests on development and prod environment. We will go though a complete end-to-end testing experience – introducing cypress, handling network calls and running it all on CI.

Talk #2: (Async) Iterables
Willian Martins will break down JS iterables in a one-two step, showing little by little the use cases, properties, and the new async Iterator protocol, quickly and smoothly, like trying to learn how to dance this fun Jackson’s 5 Soul music 😉 He’ll show how to build custom iterable objects in a bunch of different ways, and then challenge us to go further and experiment with neat tricks like composing iterables.