Everyday Roastery hits the headlines!

24.01.22 | by Louise Byrnes

You’ve heard of Everyday Roastery already- Delivery Hero’s coffee brand, serving fresh and delicious coffee straight to the homes of our customers. From lattes to frappés, Everyday Roastery’s unique design and premium quality beans have made it the first choice for coffee loving customers around the world.

The service has gone one step further in the Middle East, with offline alternatives popping up to allow in-person orders; like coffee drive-throughs, and more unusually, a Dubai coffee shop with a technology twist!

At Expo 2020 the unique service attracted the attention of Richard Quest, a world famous news anchor who gave the premium coffee his expert seal of approval.

Expo 2020

It was no wonder that this futuristic coffee shop was featured at one of the most innovative events in the world. Expo 2020 explores opportunities and cutting-edge technology, spotlighting the most forward thinking solutions and revolutionary approaches. The event has international participation and attracts over 7 million visitors from across the globe.

An Unusual Barista 

Well, what makes this coffee experience so unique? The barista is a robot!

In keeping with the event’s techy concept, the coffee experience starts with a photograph- customers take a photo of themselves before placing their order. The mechanical barista prepares and serves Everyday Roastery’s premium quality beans, topped off with latte art like no other! With the latest printing technology, coffee extract is dispensed from a printer cartridge to overlay the image on top of the beverage – giving the order a personal touch like never before.

A Famous Thumbs Up 

Renowned CNN news anchor Richard Quest made a promise to viewers that he would feature something unique and different from Expo 2020 everyday on his show- with the aim to showcase stand out activities for the viewers at home. So it’s no surprise that the Everyday Roastery robot barista was selected as one of the highlights! 

In the feature, the CNN crew follow Richard to the futuristic coffee shop as he takes in the full experience – from having his photograph taken, to watching in awe as the machine begins to craft his order. He states that the beverage is “a thing of beauty”, and as for the latte art, Richard adds that “It’s a bit weird to drink your own face, but I do taste very good!”

So there you have it – one of our most famous customers yet, and the Everyday Roastery brand is featured on CNN, one of the most watched news platforms in the world! Congratulations to the team for their hard work and well deserved coverage at Expo 2020.

24.01.22 | by Louise Byrnes