Explaining reality through data: Meet Remy, our brand researcher

08.06.21 | by Jared Millan

Tell us a little bit about your team and your role.

I’m working as a brand researcher.

This basically involves managing market research projects from beginning to end, including writing questionnaires, defining target audiences, analysing data and writing reports that deliver the key insights derived from this data, and presenting results to our local teams. 

My team really gives us accountability: we all have a number of markets that we are responsible for. On my side, I used to manage our EU markets and just recently swapped to the MENA region, which is super exciting news!

What led you to a career in market research? 

I realised during a university project that market research could be something for me – we were analysing data from a satisfaction survey in a new cafe that had opened in my hometown, and I just liked the idea of explaining reality through data. 

After uni, I spent a couple of years in a London-based research agency working on much larger-scale projects than my hometown Cafe’s, and then moved to DH where I’m accountable for the research in one of our regions.

What do you love most about your job?

Apart from being able to work on a high variety of super exciting research projects, I would say:

  • The ability to learn about new countries: DH is present in about 50 markets and we do research in most of them, which means that I get constantly exposed to learnings from all over the world. I also know a lot of random facts from what is the preferred cuisine in Greece, to how many inhabitants live in Muscat.
  • Being constantly challenged: One of the things where DH keeps surprising me is the amount of new challenges that come along the way: the company is growing super fast, and along with it come new research opportunities.
  • The ability to drive change and try new things: We are always looking for ways to do things smarter, and over the past 2 years I have been able to create new tools that redefine the way we work (from automated questionnaires to reporting macros through onboarding the team on how can we do data processing ourselves). This openness to try new things that allows “working smarter” is something that is very characteristic to DH.

What does a typical day for you look like?

Well, I’ll have to start with a classic “There are no typical days at Delivery Hero”, but here’s a summary of what I found myself doing over the past few weeks.

  • Liaising with our local markets to understand how to address their business questions through research.
  • Writing research reports to better understand the food delivery landscape in various countries across Europe and the Middle-East.
  • Listening to focus groups to understand in-depth how users perceive us in some of our markets.
  • Defining customer personas to allow our markets to address users more relevantly.
  • Having some more relaxed calls talking nonsense with my team, just to keep in touch during the pandemic.
  • Enjoying mid-afternoon park walks nearby the office.

What made you apply to Delivery Hero?

I actually stumbled upon their website and thought “wow, that looks like a super cool place to work!”, and that how they were growing not only within food delivery but also by expanding into new categories would mean a lot of exciting opportunities, so I just gave it a go. 

During the interview process, I had the opportunity to ask questions to people from within and outside the team, and what really drove my decision was the fact that the central team works a bit like a research agency: we don’t only commission projects, but we get the chance to really work on them in-depth from start to finish.

What’s been the most interesting project you’ve worked on so far?

I have been looking after the research projects supporting DH re-entering Germany, which involved both quantitative research and in-depth interviews about the Berlin food / groceries delivery landscape. 

This was actually the first time that I ever worked on a project that concerned a country / region of the world that is not located miles away from where I live, and what came out of it was very different from what I had initially expected! This made me realise how important research is to understand a market (especially in food delivery, which everyone has a warm-hearted point of view about!): you can live in a city for several years and order more often than you’d want to admit, this doesn’t mean than what you think is reflective of the market as a whole.

What are the things that you look forward to when you go to work?

Well, going to work isn’t something that’s happening so often during the pandemic, yet I tend to work from our offices when I have the chance – most likely because of those reasons:

  • The way to get there is super nice, we’re located in a very central and beautiful area.
  • The office is full of free drinks, juices, cereals and awesome coffee machines!
  • Actually seeing my colleagues is a good reminder that I’m part of a much larger thing than the research team!

Do you have any hints or tips for others looking to follow a similar career path?

I would advise that whatever you are aiming for in the long-run, learning by doing is something that really applies in the market research world:  it’s always good to start in a position where you get the opportunity to do the research, rather than to only be the client who commissions it. 

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08.06.21 | by Jared Millan