First impressions count! We hear from three of the newest Brand Team employees on what it’s like to join the growing Delivery Hero family

03.11.21 | by Louise Byrnes

Everyone can recall the first day of a new job – the eagerness, the anticipation, the enthusiasm! The week is filled with new information and endless introductions as you navigate new teams trying to remember everyone’s name! Here at Delivery Hero, new employees are supported and welcomed from the moment they start, and the Brand department is no exception – we go to special lengths to ensure all newbies are inducted into the fold and embraced as one of the team.

In this week’s article we introduce you to three fantastic new starters, and hear about their experience of joining the Brand Team. From what it means to be a hero, to delivering solutions, we hear from Catalina Matamoros; Senior Motion Illustrator, Ádám Püspök; Brand Research Specialist, and Elizabeth James; Campaigns Team Lead.

They share their thoughts and first impressions of joining the steadily growing team of 70+ creatives, researchers, designers and brand experts from around the world.

Let’s start from the beginning – tell us about your first week at Delivery Hero?  

Elizabeth: The onboardings were packed with engaging activities to help motivate and connect everyone. It was a nice surprise to receive a special delivery the day before I started – a package full of cool Delivery Hero merchandise (and most importantly all my computer equipment!)

Ádám: I started the week with a virtual onboarding, which was really helpful as it provided all the information I needed to know about working at Delivery Hero. I loved the breakout rooms where we could connect in smaller groups and  share stories and experiences with fellow new starters. 

Catalina: It was a great experience! The first week was full of onboarding and introductions, which gave me time to adapt to a new organisation and understand company values.

What were your first impressions when joining the Brand team? 

Catalina: After I met everyone on the brand team, I realised that I had made the right choice to join Delivery Hero – everyone has been so welcoming! 

Ádám: The office is a very modern, friendly and comfortable place to work. What stood out to me is how kind and helpful everyone in the team is, and that makes you feel so welcome,  especially if you are relocating from a foreign country. 

Elizabeth: Meeting colleagues in person was brilliant – everyone was warm and welcoming. The office has everything you need –  stationary vending machines, multiple coffee machines, fruit, snacks, and most importantly-  a fully stocked fridge full of juices to give everyone a kick-start to their day!

Is the team different from others you have been part of? 

Ádám: I have never worked in such an international environment and that is something that I have always wanted to experience! There are around 25 different nationalities on the brand team and I believe that this makes the work we produce even better –  everyone has different backgrounds and diverse viewpoints. 

Catalina: All newbies are paired with a ‘buddy’ to help guide you through your first few weeks, which makes you feel even more included. Your buddy is on hand to help with any information you need and they also take responsibility for introducing you at the first team meeting – which is very entertaining!

Elizabeth: The open discussions! You can initiate or invite anyone and everyone into a conversation easily, whether it’s on a serious delivery or exploration of a potential initiative. Everyone is collaborative and curious, which breeds good energy in all conversations.

What are you looking forward to discovering? 

Catalina: I cannot wait to jump into some cool illustration projects and get involved in all aspects of creativity. The team has produced some amazing work and I cannot wait to be part of that process. 

Ádám: I am looking forward to getting to know my colleagues even better, especially at all the upcoming team events. 

Elizabeth: Seeing more cool projects come to life, seeing our hard work materialise and making a positive impact to the DH brand’s. 

So there we have it – The inside scoop from three of the newest brand team employees! Sound good to you? Head over to our careers page and check out the current opportunities.

03.11.21 | by Louise Byrnes