Have you ever wondered what it’s like to join one of the fastest growing food-delivery companies in the world?

24.11.21 | by Louise Byrnes

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to join one of the fastest growing food-delivery companies in the world? The onboarding process at Delivery Hero is a dynamic week-long experience that promises new employees are familiarised with every corner of the organisation and its values- from IT support, to diversity and inclusion, the process ensures new starters are fully equipped with the right tools to seamlessly start their journey at DH. 

In recent times, this process has shifted to a virtual alternative, but that hasn’t affected the lively energy of the sessions which can see up to around 100 new heroes being inducted remotely every month, with each session seeing around 30 different nationalities in attendance. With this in mind, the Onboarding Experience team has created an engaging agenda, which balances all the usual practicalities of joining a new organisation, with new social elements that aim to bring attendees  together and ensure new connections are made- Guaranteeing that everyone kickstarts their journey in the best way possible!

The experience starts well before the first working day

New starters are supported and welcomed well before they begin their first day. Delivery Hero HQ has 100+ different nationalities within it’s workforce, making it one of the most diverse and international offices in Berlin- This also means that many are relocating from abroad in order to be part of the growing workforce. Employees are supported in every aspect of the relocation process and connected with a team, who provide guidance every step of the way-  From visa applications, to finding the right accommodation, new starters are assigned a contact who is on hand to support and answer any questions – which is reassuring, especially when you are making that important move to the German capital. 

Agendas for onboarding are shared in advance, along with a whole host of logins and learning materials – ensuring that everyone is prepared and knows exactly what to expect for their first step into the company. The all important IT delivery is organised ahead of the start date to ensure employees have all the equipment needed to start the virtual onboarding experience, and a few added extras are thrown in for good measure! A selection of cool Delivery Hero merchandise makes it into the welcome pack, so new joiners can start their week feeling suitably on-brand; from branded drinks bottles, to lunch boxes, the culinary theme is maintained throughout the delivery, even a pizza slicer and chop-sticks make an appearance. Perfect accompaniments for all the takeaways that are soon to be ordered! But what really sets the delivery apart from the usual, is finding out that Delivery Hero has a unique partnership with the World Food Programme’s Share the Meal initiative. Within the pack there is information about how one week’s worth of meals is donated for every new Hero that joins the organisation, setting the tone of community and culture- both sentiments that continue to echo throughout the Delivery Hero experience.

Let the onboarding commence!

A phase fondly known as ‘the entree’, the onboarding experience is spread over five afternoons, leaving  attendees free in the morning for personal inductions with their team. The week starts with the all important basics- IT support, logins, ways of working and a step by step session on all the commonly used tools and communications platforms.

Attendees are given a thorough introduction to the organisation- a deep dive into what the business does, how it works and what it hopes to achieve moving forward. No stone is left unturned, and new starters are walked through all of Delivery Hero’s brands, the business model and future strategy for continued growth and sustainability- an element that makes all attendees feel part of the journey and informed on what the workforce is collectively aiming for, adding to that all important sense of togetherness and teamwork that is present throughout the sessions. 

A social element is constantly maintained via games, on screen polls and breakout rooms that allow groups to engage in smaller teams, introducing themselves and sharing thoughts on the session topics- all with the aim to bring each other closer together. There are even virtual snack breaks, so that new employees can casually chat between sessions and get to know each other.

Maintaining engagement  

Another valuable element is the wider contribution from every corner of the business – seasoned members of the DH workforce join sessions to share information about what they do, and how their work feeds into the organisation. ‘Special Guests’, made up of senior stakeholders from across the business; Operations, Employee Engagement, Brand, Marketing, Customer Experience and Finance, amongst many others, dedicate time to share insights on what they do, how their teams work and how they are contributing to the overall plan. Additional value is added by these individuals making themselves accessible at the onboarding session- there is time for attendees to ask questions and engage with the speaker, which adds to the sense of approachability, whoever the speaker or their job title. 

The sessions aren’t all listening – there is heaps of participation and engagement, especially during the workshops, and one of the most important is focused on Diversity and Inclusion. This is essential to the working culture at Delivery Hero and emphasises the importance of welcoming all types of employees from every walk of life, and the benefits that an inclusive approach brings to the company.  The session aims to open a conversation about the topic and is a safeplace for participants to share thoughts, opinions and experiences related to D&I in order to  gain a deeper understanding of unconscious bias, discrimination, and ways in which we can become more aware of the topic.

Keeping up the momentum 

The onboarding experience doesn’t stop after the first week! The team follows up with additional sessions to answer any new questions, and there is even a specific communication channel created for the participants in each onboarding group- so they can stay connected and share tips and tricks long after their journey has begun!

Sounds pretty great doesn’t it? 

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24.11.21 | by Louise Byrnes