How we connect, share and inspire at the Marketing Knowledge Exchange

28.06.22 | by Louise Byrnes

At Delivery Hero we are continuously looking for new ways to inspire teams in an open and collaborative way, and 2022 has been no different with the introduction of a new initiative, the Marketing Knowledge Exchange; a monthly session that aims to connect and inspire teams around the world.


With thousands of employees globally all focused on promoting our portfolio of brands, and a Central Marketing department of 240+ located in Berlin alone, there is an extensive amount of activity and insight taking place. The Marketing Knowledge Exchange aims to harness some of these learnings and share them across the organisation. 

Even with a virtual format MKE has an approach that encourages open conversation and collaboration across its participants. The purpose is to inspire and guide colleagues to level up their approaches, stay on top of trends and produce the best work possible.

Each session promises to showcase a diverse mix of voices from all levels and areas of the organisation, all candidly sharing experiences and case studies from recent projects, with an approach that motivates questions and open discussion.


The first session focused on all things TikTok; how to level up a strategy, best practices and tips on how to create compelling content. This was presented by Mel Ottoni, Content Strategist from the Central Brand team, who spoke about content strategy, content optimisation and content production, as well as storytelling styles and leveraging creators to boost campaign goals.

Buse Uzunkaya, Social Media Strategist at Yemeksepeti, also joined the session to present what the team in Turkey are up to, and how their strategy approach has gone on to make an impact with CPA.

User Generated Content 

For many brands User Generated Content is considered as the holy grail – with customers creating fun and engaging content on their behalf in the social media space. 

Agnes Lee, Brand Project Specialist from the Central Brand team, gave an introduction to the topic and spoke about how this is a great opportunity for any brand to bring their tone of voice to life – giving them the chance to be fun and make use of trends to inject a humorous element into their online presence. 

Nikolaos Stamatelos, Content & Video Production Coordinator at eFood, shared insights from the team in Greece; from jumping on trends in real time, to managing conversations in the comment section- he covered off all bases whilst providing insight into what the team had been up to and how they have been successful in implementing UGC as part of their content strategy. 

A crucial perspective was shared by Rocio Jarabo from the Legal team, who gave an overview of do’s and don’ts when it comes to legalities. From using celebrity faces to IP rights, this provided the audiences with all the information they needed to keep in mind when sharing UGC. 

What’s Next?

With so many projects taking place across Delivery Hero we are not short of topics to discuss in our upcoming sessions. Topic around online branding and ambassadors are pencilled in for the next few months with many more speakers, brands and themes in the pipeline.

Any employees who are interested in learning more or keen to participate in a session should reach out to Soo Zee Kim to get more information 

28.06.22 | by Louise Byrnes