Interviewing the interviewers – we turn the table on the brand team’s recruiters

02.02.21 | by Katie Elizabeth Dean

Martina Lopez and Melissa Anne Carvalho are responsible for recruiting top talent to the central brand team. Using the power of three, we asked them to tell us what makes the brand team so popular with candidates and if they have any tips for interviewing with Delivery Hero.

3 words to describe the team




3 things that the team is looking for 

Detail-oriented individuals.

People who go above and beyond the ordinary/mainstream.

Drive and passion.

3 ways you think this team is worth it

It’s not an ordinary team structure, with ordinary and repetitive tasks; it’s a unique environment and they work with teams based around the world.

The brand team turns what everyone talks about in the business into what we actually see; on the streets, through ads, and in presentations – they translate everyone’s efforts into visuals.

Essentially it’s the “best of both worlds” – you get to work in an agency setting while being a part of a global house of brands!

3 tips for interviews 

It’s important for us to get to know the person behind the CV, so don’t be afraid to be yourself!

Delivery Hero is always going through changes so show us how innovative you are and how you can adapt to new challenges.

At Delivery Hero we are proud of our values – show us what you can add to them and what’s important to you!

3 things about DH that surprises candidates 

Our size and growth history over the past years. 

The innovative mindset and our new business verticals.

Our structure – the house of brands and creative agency approach.

3 things to know about our recruiters 

We read your CV before contacting you, so no need to summarise your whole career in the first call! 

We are the representatives of People Operations throughout the recruitment process, so we are the best people to address for any of your concerns regarding working hours, contracts, relocation, visas and other HR topics.

We are responsible for creating an amazing candidate experience and we can only get better through your feedback, so let us know if you have anything to share!

02.02.21 | by Katie Elizabeth Dean