Make way for the new mjam!

08.04.21 | by Lucille Pfeiffer

Everyone smiles, with mjam’s brand refresh

Since launching in Austria in 2008, mjam has become a household name across the country for delivering delicious dishes to customers’ doorsteps. However, with more opportunities to expand into new areas and increasing competition in the market, we needed to strengthen mjam’s leading position and ensure it continues to stand out from competition. Our mission would involve refreshing its visual identity to fit its bold, youthful personality, and create flexibility while maintaining consistency across all channels. 

A strong start

After redefining our value proposition, one statement stood out and encapsulated the essence of our brand: ‘Everyone smiles with mjam.’ From this, we began our design journey – with the smile at the centre of the creative process. 

Expanding our smile

As green was strongly associated with mjam, we brightened up the primary colour and added equally vivid secondary and tertiary tones, named after Austrian landscapes.

When expanding these colours into product we looked into darker and lighter shades to 

establish a broader palette that communicates clearly and effectively, while staying meeting accessibility standards and consistent with the overall identity. 

We also redesigned the logo to give it a young, fresh feel, keeping the handwritten DNA of the brand but adjusting the J to reflect a smile. Complementing this is our new open and modern typography, Poppins.

Meanwhile, ‘Everyone smiles’ devices were created using strokes from the logo to give more flexibility and represent different smiles. These are used for overlays too, as well as layout builders and text shapes. 

Icons inspired by our logo create a coherent system that can be used across multiple channels, and are unique thanks to the rounded angles, endings and shapes – all stemming from the smile.

This is also the case for our illustrations, where we again expanded our colour palette to stay true to skintones, food and various products available on the app. Again, we ensured they can be adapted for product to engage and inform users. 

Make way for the new mjam!

To introduce the rebrand, a full 360 campaign went live in Austria in March 2021. mjam, together with the Vienna based agency DMB, created “Ganz Österreich sagt mjam” (all of Austria says mjam), a concept that brings the new, refreshed Tone of Voice and brand to life.

To help spread the word the campaign was amplified with additional ideas, leveraging all channels available and conveying a positive and energetic message focused on the good things of life.

Thanks for stopping by – we hope we made you smile!

08.04.21 | by Lucille Pfeiffer