Meet Becci, our Online Content Strategist (and all round digital guru!)

13.04.21 | by Sophie Connolly

Tell us about your role at Delivery Hero…

I’m working as an Online Content Strategist. 

This in a nutshell = creating strategy for anything that touches digital. Tangible examples include helping our brands plan campaigns, running content workshops and brainstorms, keeping a close eye on new platforms and digi-developments, and developing frameworks that make executing easier. 

My team is very new, which is an über exciting opportunity: already we’ve doubled in size to include PR, influencer, audio and editorial content.

What made you apply to DH?

I’d heard from friends in Berlin that it had a great employer reputation. I checked out the YouTube channels (central and the brands) and really liked the culture, the people and the creative work. 

The best bit came actually AFTER I applied though – the case study really excited me and I genuinely had a blast working on it. I figured that if the day-to-day was even half as satisfying, it’d be a great career.

How did you find joining the company during a pandemic?

Frankly, it was tough. The people team did an unbelievable job bringing everything online, but it’s a strange experience still not having met a lot of my colleagues face-to-face. It’s a great testament to the adaptability of people though, and I’m grateful we live in the days of digital tools like slack and (although this is painful to say) Zoom.

What surprised you most about the team?

Too tough to answer in one point. So:

  • The tools our team has developed in-house
  • The skillset in the brand team alone (everyone from producers to product managers; designers, developers, researchers and content writers)
  • How quickly we move; how much we’re capable of doing well in incredible timeframes

What is a typical day for you?

I don’t know if there’s any such thing at DH! But generally, it’d look something like:

  • Some virtual facetime with our brands to check in and give support
  • A good deal of campaign planning
  • A very strong coffee at around 2pm
  • 21 tabs open
  • 10+ crazy ideas
  • 2 or 3 good ideas

There are two consistencies every day: 

  1. The amount of time I spend working in google slides (a lot)
  2. That it almost always ends feeling hungry and either cooking or ordering something I saw in one of our pieces of content

What do you love most about your job?

A two-part answer:

  1. The content

Seems obvious, but there’s little better than seeing an idea go from a flicker to a fully-fledged campaign– one that everyone’s really proud of. I love watching how audiences then navigate the content and seeing the reaction online.

  1. The cultural crossover

The relationship-building side is another great aspect. I’m working with people all over the world every day, and it’s such a great window into other cultures, cuisines, ways of life, ways of thinking. It really helps that the local teams are all very interesting and talented people who are impossible to not get along with.

What’s the most interesting project you’ve worked on here?

I’ve found our kitchen concepts (brands created in house) some of the most interesting to work on: there’s something very compelling about starting at zero and bringing innovation to market. There’s also another project with one of our MENA brands in the pipeline I’m very excited about… no spoilers!

Which trends do you think we’ll see in online content in 2021?

I think audio-first social networks will increase in popularity: I also think monetisation or even freemium social networks will start to be explored more freely. I think privacy debates will fundamentally change ads and personalisation opportunities, and I think in-platform shopping will be further emphasized and improved. 

Do you have any hints or tips for others looking to do a similar role?

Load yourself up with tools to make it as fast and friction-free as possible: chrome extensions that can cut your content analysis in half, frameworks that make it easier to come up with great ideas at short notice, etc. 

More than anything, spend a lot of time online. Bring work to the channels you’re already on the most – follow brand accounts, sign up to newsletters so you have inspo already waiting in your inbox at the start of the day. The more time you spend looking at what other brands, publishers and people do online, the quicker you learn and the better you’ll be. 

I also think generally being positive, open-minded and excited about ideas and possibilities is essential. Content is exciting: crafting content that moves things even more so. Be the first to jump on a new platform. Eat, sleep, absorb, retweet!

Want to join our team? We’re currently recruiting for an Online Content Strategist – find out more about applying here!

13.04.21 | by Sophie Connolly