Meet Kasia, our Senior Brand Coordinator (and Official Chocolate Distributor)

15.02.21 | by Sophie Connolly & Katarzyna Zablocka

A simple smile can make a world of difference – and no one knows that better than our Senior Brand Coordinator, Kasia. After joining a team of around 20 people in 2017 that is now more than double the headcount, she’s seen us expand and evolve perhaps more than anyone else, and since day one she’s been the welcoming face for every new joiner.

From overseeing internal design projects to delivering goodie bags, we spoke to Kasia about what it means to be part of Delivery Hero and the best bits about being in the Brand Team family.

Hi guys, welcome to the team!

Looking back now, I still remember how nervous I was on my first day at DH. I was stepping into responsibilities and tasks that no one else had ownership of before me, though with a smaller team at the time it didn’t take me long to get to know my colleagues and feel welcomed. 

As we continued to hire new people, slowly but surely the team was beginning to grow and receive more and more requests for support from around the company. During this time, one of my main priorities was onboarding each newbie and ensuring they immediately feel part of the team (despite perhaps taking a week to learn everyone’s names!). 

This is still the case today; after four years the process has changed a lot – especially since 2020 – but I’m still the first person who new team members meet and can rely on for all their questions and workplace needs. 

Forget Ask Jeeves – it’s Ask Kasia

Whether it’s scheduling training sessions, or just asking for some simple advice on a problem, my teammates know they can rely on me for all sorts of things. In fact, ‘Ask Kasia’ has become a catchphrase beyond the Brand Team and I often find myself discussing projects and ideas with different people across the company – and the globe!

With Delivery Hero’s brands operating in more than 40 countries, it’s amazing to speak with colleagues around the world and know I can help them, no matter what the time zone.  

I’m on it!

If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would help organise events for up to 100 people, I would have thought, ‘Wow!’. However, after arranging countless team breakfasts, dinners, meetings and international meetups with the local teams, it’s safe to say that the Brand Team knows how to have fun. 

These days most of our meetings are via Zoom, so the only RSVP people need to give is via Google Calendar, but that’s not to say they are any less enjoyable. 

Take our 2020 Halloween event. Not only did I organise trick or treat bags for my teammates, complete with spooky costumes and accessories, but I hosted a music and film quiz to keep the team spirit high and take a break from work.

Every day I learn something new

The people are most definitely the best part of my job and having friends from so many different countries makes everything even more rewarding. As I continue to help and support them, they in return support me and teach me new things every day (for example, did you know that Bruce Wayne – aka Batman – in Spanish is Bruno Diaz?). 

One of the best parts of my day in the office is after lunch, when everyone is in need of an afternoon choco-boost. This is when I bring out my secret weapon; the candy basket, which transforms a group of adults into excitable kids who can’t wait to get their hands on something sweet. When we’re together in group calls now, it makes me look forward to us uniting in person again even more.

So, now you know all about me and my role in the Brand Team, I end this interview with another one of my famous catchphrases:

Bye guys, have a nice evening!

15.02.21 | by Sophie Connolly & Katarzyna Zablocka