Meet Matthew, one of our motion designers who breathe life into Delivery Hero’s brands

21.07.21 | by Jared Millan

Motion and animation may be considered newcomers in the long canon of art history, but already the medium has gained a steady foothold in the design world, and there’s little doubt that it’s here to stay. This is particularly true at Delivery Hero, where motion design plays an integral role in the way we breathe life into our brands.

Matthew Gorodiski, one of our motion designers, is part of that crucial operation. We sat down with him to talk about motion design, his creative process, and how being a Hero has helped shape his work. 

Tell us about yourself. How long have you been a Hero, and can you give us an overview of your role?

This autumn it will be 2 years since I joined Delivery Hero. I work as a Motion Designer and a Videographer. The Motion team works with all kinds of video works, from in-house video production to creating any asset that involves any kind of animation.

What led you to Delivery Hero, and what were you doing before?

I moved to Berlin to look for a job in the creative industry. Delivery Hero came as a great opportunity for me. I had different experiences before. I started my career as a photographer, later I moved to video. I worked in different e-commerce companies and as a freelancer.

How would you describe “Motion Design” to someone who has never heard of or knows nothing about it?

Simply put Motion Design is any visual that involves movement, or as we say “motion.”

Take a graphic illustration or printed poster for example, and now imagine that everything in it is moving. That’s basically what our team does, making pictures alive. 

Walk us through your creative process. What’s your typical day like?

My day usually starts with walking my dog in the neighbourhood and then I have breakfast with filter coffee. After that I’m ready to start my working day.

I start with overviewing my tasks and planning what I’m going to do that day. Every morning the team has a stand up where we chat and discuss our plans for the day. 

Most of the tasks (depending on the type) have these steps:

  • briefing with the team on a new task/project
  • getting inspiration
  • creative brainstorming
  • making first draft ideas
  • working on the motion/video
  • final adjustments
  • delivering a final asset

What has been the most interesting/most favorite project you’ve worked on so far, and what makes it memorable to you?

Foodpanda DE animations 

This was a challenge for me but a cool one. The whole team needed to create new animations for Foodpanda Germany before the launch in a very short time. For me it was nice to practice my skills and experiment with ideas without any limits. It was also a chance to see all the creatives that my colleagues did on the same topic and be inspired by them.

Snackable HS

I really like our Snackable projects that show very yummy shots of different dishes in “foodporn” style. The latest one we did was for HungerStation and I was very excited to work with all the footage. There were many impressive dishes from the Middle East and all of the shots looked delicious.

As Easy As

Another project that comes to my mind is “As Easy As” where me and Facundo, another motion designer from our team, were a part of the production crew. It was a very fun 2-day shoot with a lot of people involved. The fun part was that we needed to shoot a lot of different grocery items from granola to potato chips in super slow-motion. It was very entertaining to be there and watch all the playback in slo-mo. We had shots of milk pouring into coffee, granola and berries flying in the air in front of the camera, and I learnt how to make potato chips fly! 

Where do you get the inspiration from? Is it true that Berlin is a perfect city for designers?

I get inspiration from people around me. I think people are the best source of inspiration. No matter if it’s just small talk with your colleague or watching someone’s work, they can both be equally inspiring. 

But of course I also get inspiration from other sources as well. I can recommend a browser extension called “Muzli.” Every time you open a new tab, it shows you articles and inspirational pieces from different design related platforms.

I totally agree that Berlin is a perfect place for designers and all kinds of artists and creatives. It has its own cultural and art vibe starting from grafittis and signs on your neighbor’s building and ending with all the incredible museums with its pieces of art. Basically you can get inspiration from anywhere. When I just go out to have a coffee or walk my dog, I always look around me. A nice poster on a wall or a fruit/flower stand at a local market—they’re all an inspiration to me.

What’s the most fun thing about your job? 

My team! It’s definitely the most fun part of it. Many of us are from different countries with different backgrounds, languages, views, and traditions. It’s very fun and cool when all these guys from around the globe get a chance to collaborate and share their work and life experience with each other. 

What standout lessons have you learned at DH that you’ll carry for the rest of your life?

I would highlight here one of our company’s values: “We are heroes because we care.” I think this applies not only to work-related environments, but to different aspects of our lives too.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to join DH as a motion designer, and what qualities and skills do they need to have?

They need to be open minded, ready to work, and collaborate in teams. It’s important that they treat other people with respect. They need to have professional experience and the basic skill set in motion/video. Most of all, they have to love their profession and be eager to learn new things.

Other than motion design, what other things are you passionate about in life? 

As my childhood hobby and first income was photography, I’m still really passionate about it. I always carry my cameras with me when I travel. That means I also love traveling. I enjoy nature, especially hiking in the mountains and being by the ocean. Those things really give me energy.

If you could take on anyone’s role in DH for a day, whose is it and why?

A rider’s. I think it’s one of the most crucial roles in our business. This is where everything starts and I’d like to experience it.

21.07.21 | by Jared Millan