Ready, steady, vlog! How our Greek brand wins at video content

28.09.20 | by Sophie Connolly

Delivery Hero operates in 45 countries, and our brands are always exploring the latest marketing trends – cleverly adapting whatever popular format to fit their personalities and style. 

One very popular choice of content these days is video blogs (vlogs). Recent statistics show that over 44% of internet users watch vlogs every single month and as the numbers increase, so do the opportunities to connect with customers. 

In Greece, our brand efood is making waves with its YouTube channel, with over 155K subscribers tuning into every upload and over 100 million views over the last eight years! We got the lowdown from them on how they reached such success, and how they decide what makes content video-worthy or not. 

Content, content, content

Viewers are spoilt for choice when it comes to efood’s YouTube: its various series dive into multiple themes and topics – from reviews to ‘news’ – and each video comes complete with a series and episode number to make it easier for subscribers to follow.

efood’s YouTube channel started off as “A little bit guerilla and a lot of fun” and has since grown into a sophisticated channel

With so much to tune into, and some videos reaching over 20 minutes long, it’s easy to see how one could binge their way through everything available.

Discussing the brand’s journey into online videos, Community Manager Ellie Kouremenou explained, “Like a lot of things we do, starting to produce YouTube content came organically, as we genuinely loved YouTube content ourselves… was initially super-basic, super-fun short videos with food hacks, funny comments we received on our customer care platform, interviews we took from people on the street and short skits. A little bit guerilla and a lot of fun, our team steadily grew to two videographers and two presenters and into a lot more sophisticated video content.”

‘Done is better than perfect’

The brand’s identity may have developed and changed over the years, but its entertaining, engaging and observational approach to filming has remained consistent. 

You may assume it must be difficult for an idea to make its way to the final cut and go live on YouTube. However, efood has an outlook of its own when it comes to planning, filming and releasing new videos – and the team is never without a touch of spontaneity as the brand continues to grow its product offerings and user base. 

“One of the main pillars of our work at efood is, ‘done is better than perfect’ – that’s why we like to try new things, see how they go and continue to improve them over time,” Ellie adds.

Like a lot of things we do, starting to produce YouTube content came organically, as we genuinely loved YouTube content ourselves

Ellie Kouremenou, Community Manager at efood

“Wanting to showcase our restaurants, we started doing reviews, wanting to produce fun and educational content we expanded into different kinds of vlogs, and wanting to produce content for our users during lockdown we started the ‘efood news’ series. We love to create new content and constantly adapt it.”

efood’s new series has struck a cord with viewers in 2020

Featuring its own opening sequence like a real broadcast, ‘efood news’ has definitely struck a chord with viewers during the unusual times of 2020. Veering away from the obvious bulletins and announcements covered in real news shows, this YouTube series focuses on lighthearted ‘news’, all food focused and packed full of fun sound effects.

Getting down to business

Through weekly meetings and brainstorming sessions, efood’s YouTube team creates a filming schedule and vlogs are often recorded in the brand’s own in-house studio, giving the footage a more candid and down to earth feel.

Local YouTube stars George and Fotini take the spotlight as presenters in most cases, but efood is also known for collaborating with other influencers whose videos and personalities connect with the brand. This includes social media stars Madame Ginger, whose delicious recipes and lifestyle content can keep you browsing for hours, and student/gamer/influencer/Jack of all trades Panos Eftaxias.

“The times when we take a risk and go for it our content is, more often than not, unlikely to flop!”

Ellie Kouremenou

But we’re still left with a question unanswered: what is worthy of a video? As Ellie reveals, the decision-making process isn’t a complex one. “If we like it and believe in it, we create it,” she says. “It sounds risky, but our experience has shown that the times when we take a risk and go for it our content is, more often than not, unlikely to flop!”

Well, we’ve certainly been inspired to push for what we believe in after seeing how well it works for efood! Brush up on your Greek and get stuck into efood’s YouTube channel today.

28.09.20 | by Sophie Connolly