Reimagining the rider kit

15.08.22 | by Louise Byrnes

The default kit for a rider is made up of a jacket, helmet and bag – three staples that allow for safety and comfort. Over the years the Partner Marketing team has tweaked designs and added items with our different brands.

In this article we give you the lowdown on updates to the kit, letting markets select their own items, and the steps it takes to get from idea to finished product. Safety, comfort and durability are crucial qualities for rider equipment- keeping this in mind, the Central Team at Delivery Hero reimagined the uniforms with a more aesthetic approach – taking inspiration from street and activewear brands.

Empowering local teams

With a global portfolio of brands, each market has their own unique requirements, depending on climate, local legal requirements and cultural fit. With that comes a different kit per market or brand.

“In the past, we worked with local teams to send out a standardised set of items to distribute amongst their fleet, but now we are adopting a new approach that allows markets to select uniforms for themselves.” says Tyler Moulton, Supply Chain Manager at Delivery Hero.

“We work on making it easy for the local teams to have a safe and comfortable fleet out on the streets. We take care of designs, sampling, production, and transportation. So the local teams can keep their mind focused on the riders and their needs.”

Tyler is now working on a catalogue, filled with tried and tested clothing and accessories that draw on a number of designs for various circumstances. From the standard jackets and t-shirts, to newly ideated fleeces, coin bags, thermal layers and body warmers – the catalogue contains an assortment of kit choices that the local teams can choose themselves.

The process

When it comes to a new item, it all starts with the design. If we are taking inspiration from a retail piece, we then need to think about how we can adapt it for our riders and tailor it to our use cases. For example, is there an opportunity to add a waterproof layer? Can we add pockets for loose change, their phone, and a battery pack? Where can reflective panels be added? Where will the logo be placed? These are all elements that need to be incorporated with new designs.

Once a design and materials are decided, it is time to order samples from the supplier – a test item that shows us how these pieces will look. These are then compared against current items to assess the quality, as well as making sure that brand colours look accurate. Once the item has passed the test, it can make its way into the catalogue for local teams to select.

Signature pieces

A few years ago, the Partner Marketing team at Delivery Hero innovated an interchangeable bag that expands and retracts with a series of straps and foldable walls, depending on the size of the order. This allows riders to move more easily and adjust the bag depending on the size of the order to allow for a more seamless journey.

Ever since, this expandable backpack has been a signature piece that has been adopted around the world and even by competitors. So keep an eye on the streets to see what our next innovation will be for Delivery partners…

15.08.22 | by Louise Byrnes