Research and Insights: The cornerstone of all things Brand

01.06.22 | by Louise Byrnes

Research has always been the cornerstone for all things brand related. It provides the data and analysis that drives key business decisions, especially when it comes to launching a new product, rebranding a service, or simply switching up a strategy.

Our approach is evolving as we start to collaborate closely with the Experience Insights team who measure the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and its drivers. The Net Promoter Score is an important metric to understand how likely a customer would readily recommend a product or service to someone. By working alongside this department, we will be able to gain a much broader picture of our customer and what they need.

This collaboration has seen the development of a newly forged Research and Insights team, which highlights our steps towards more than just research. In this article we take a look at how this work is paving the way for every move we make within the Central Brand Team at Delivery Hero.

The role of the Research & Insights team 

The role of the team is to shine a light on the ‘who’ – who are we going after, what are their lives like and what do they believe? The data we gather looks at customer behaviours and preferences from across our key markets; LATAM, APAC, MENA and Europe, to understand the thoughts and behaviours of consumers towards everything, from food delivery to quick commerce. 

The other sub-teams within Brand, like Brand Management, Design and Content, can then use this information to create messaging strategies and visuals. For these teams to create something relevant, they need to deeply understand who it is that they are talking to.  

Working more closely with the Experience Insights team puts us in an even better position to do this, as we gain more information about the after order experience and can adopt a 360 approach to achieve a fuller picture, and ultimately provide the customer with better outcomes.

What’s new?

The department has rebranded from Research to Research and Insights, as we are doing far more than just research. By including Experience Insights within our day to day workings, we can fully understand the customer, whether that’s during the order, during the delivery, or the after order experience – we need to fully understand how that process went. 

A strong brand with a great campaign can reach new levels when they are supporting an experience that leverages research and insights. The magic happens when these elements build on one another and come across as one. It all comes down to the relationship a consumer has with a brand, whether that is through marketing, in the app or the delivery experience.

When does the research come into play? 

The sky is the limit! Our specialists advocate adopting research as early as possible, before the key decisions are made. Sometimes choices are shaped based on intuition and personal preference. But we really need to understand the dynamics of the market – what the consumers are doing and what their beliefs are before we introduce something new. 

Connecting with consumers can help us to stay ‘honest’ with our approach. We might’ve witnessed great metrics in terms of campaign results and sales, but we could get a very different picture when talking directly to the customer and start to better understand what their thoughts are. This helps us to bring our work back to the foundation of what we are trying to achieve, and continue to revisit our decisions to make sure they are still relevant. 

A product or campaign can be conceived in a ‘laboratory’ type environment, but in the real world, there might be competitors who are creating something bigger and better, or economic factors that will  have a knock on effect. By continuously tracking our brands, we can ask ourselves, have we moved the needle?  We want to make sure we are making the impact we want.

The focus right now 

A key focus is understanding the key trends in the market – what are the attitudes, perceptions and beliefs that will shape future behaviour. Also, what is the cultural context that people are living in? For example, the pandemic means that we need to revisit how this situation is influencing people’s lives and how this affects our products. The space is broad, but it can add valuable context to brand tracking and NPS results to give us a fuller picture. 

In addition, social listening, macro economic factors, credit card transactional data- all these elements can help us build a better understanding of  the consumer. It’s not just hearing about what they said in a survey, but really understanding what is going on in their lives and the reasons behind their choices.


We currently have the following positions open to join the team: 

01.06.22 | by Louise Byrnes