We hear about the launch and development of PedidosYa Market, Latin America’s go-to quick-commerce platform

01.02.22 | by Louise Byrnes

PedidosYa is one of the leading online delivery platforms based in Latin America, a service providing customers with the opportunity to order food from local restaurants. Recently the brand took it’s delivery expertise one step further with the addition of PedidosYa Market, a quick-commerce sub-brand that focuses on the quick delivery of groceries and other supermarket-style items.

In this article we chat to Brand Manager, Nicolás (Nico) Serna about the service, from the creative idea to the USP’s, we learn about the impressive launch of PedidosYa Market and how it has already reached the hearts of the customers across Latin America.

Hola Nico! Let’s start from the beginning- what was the idea behind launching PedidosYa Market?

PedidosYa has been a loved brand for years, and we saw our customers’ purchasing habits and needs continue to grow. It felt natural to introduce a quick-commerce offering and our customers have been loving it ever since!

It took a while to bring it to market, and it wasn’t an overnight process. We knew we wanted to launch the service a few years ago, but it takes time to plan the logistics, the marketing, the branding and put the infrastructure in place – we wanted to create something that was a natural evolution of the PedidosYa brand, thus PedidosYa Market was born!

Tell me about how you decided on the brand’s visual elements? 

Customers were so used to doing their food shopping at a brick and mortar store, with many in Latin America visiting the same trusted neighbourhood shop for years and years. So you can imagine that we needed to show that PedidosYa Market was just as reliable and convenient. We decided to build the brand with the same look and feel as a physical store – something that local customers could identify and trust to provide a good and dependable service.

This is not only reflected in the visuals that showcase fresh produce and an iconic brown grocery bag, but it can be seen in the communications too; coupons, discounts, newsletters, emails-  we want customers to trust and engage with the service like they would like they would with a well known physical store.

What has been your proudest moment since launching PedidosYa Market?

Whilst I was travelling through Mendoza, I stayed at a small hostel in a remote area. The owner was showing me around the accommodation and explained that if I needed anything, I could order it from an app called PedidosYa market! He began telling me about all the benefits- that it’s really convenient, I could order anything I wanted, it would be delivered to me in minutes. I couldn’t believe it!

Of course I knew the service was active in the location, but it was amazing to see local people utilising it- not only were they benefitting from the service, they were recommending it to other people and discussing it in such a positive way. I wanted to throw my arms around that guy!

What was your biggest challenge launching PedidosYa Market?

The biggest challenge is something that we continue to work on everyday – building the service and making continuous improvements. We are active in 15 different countries now and the market is constantly changing along with consumer behaviours. We need to make sure we remain the favourite, stay relevant and continue to deliver what our customers need. It’s about keeping our foot on the pedal!

Describe PedidosYa Market in three words

Ya, Ya, Ya!

In Latin America, this means now, quickly, immediately, and it’s even in our brand name; PedidosYa. It feels very relevant at this point because the service is growing so rapidly, we are constantly introducing new things and working on new projects – and it all needs to be done now! It’s a fast paced industry, with constant challenges, but that’s why we like it. 

How have customers reacted to PedidosYa Market?

We are seeing PedidosYa Market go from strength to strength. Customers have reacted positively to the service and we continue to see orders grow every month – so we can confidently say there is a genuine interest and love for it.

It’s also been great to see social media engagement go through the roof too. I feel that PedidosYa has allowed locals to understand the importance of time- typical grocery stores open and close at a set hour, but now customers have the freedom to order whatever they want, whenever they want, from the comfort of their own home.

Everyone works so hard and has such busy lives- PedidosYa Market helps people save time for what’s important.

What makes this different from other quick commerce services in the market?

PedidosYa Market has a huge variety of items and that is something that is very unique to us. 

We also include a lot of local products and have partnerships with local suppliers. At a few of our D-marts we offer seasonal fruit and vegetables that are unwanted by conventional retailers, only because they are not 100% perfect, so cannot be sold in traditional stores. 

It feels great to provide customers with groceries sourced from local farms, and I would say that this element, combined with super quick delivery makes us stand out – customers know that they can order from a huge variety of items and have them delivered fast.

Let’s talk about the creative spot ‘Behind Each Order’. How did you come up with this idea? 

Customers place their orders so quickly, with just one click their items have been picked up and are on the way. We wanted to slow the process down and show all the people who are involved in bringing the service to life. There is a huge journey that includes the supplier, the d-mart, the picker, the rider, the software developers, the marketers- there are so many paths in place to ensure that each customer receives their order.

We thought this was an interesting and unique way of telling the PedidosYa story and shows a more personal side of the individuals who are working behind the brand.

Tell me about the PedidosYa tagline: Más que rápido, es ya

It is an expression of time! Directly translated it means ‘More than fast, it’s now’, but in Latin America the words have a slightly different meaning. As I said, ‘Ya’ has a feeling of urgency behind it, and we want to get the message across about speed.

When you place an order, you should expect it to arrive quickly!

What is your favourite item to order? 

Beer! PedidosYa Market stocks a huge variety of beer, and they always arrive quickly, and most importantly, cold!  It’s great for spontaneous gatherings when you need to get some drinks in for friends. Also there is a great selection of Argentinian beef and the quality is amazing.

01.02.22 | by Louise Byrnes