Three times our brands brought their musical A-game

03.04.19 | by Sophie Connolly

From sporting events to special launches, our brands around the world bring creative and colorful marketing campaigns to life all year round.

When looking at all our global concepts, we noticed a particular trend in what customers love and respond to in our campaigns, and that’s when they get people’s heads nodding and feet tapping – of course, we’re talking about music.

Does music make the world go round? Check out four times our brands used music to turn their campaigns into cinema-style productions, and see which tune you’ll still be singing in a couple of hours!

‘Halka Nai Ana!’

As a nation known for its love of cricket, foodpanda Pakistan made a huge impact by associating itself with the Pakistan Super League 2019, thanks to a sizzling collaboration with influencer and rapper, Ali Gul Pir.

Filming took just one day in a studio in Karachi and there was plenty of fun to be had; not only was Al Gul Pir pulling pranks during the shoot, but his co-stars are part of comedy group Lol Walley and kept the crew laughing throughout.

The video aired on TV, YouTube, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat) and was promoted through sponsored social campaigns, as well as making waves on the radio during February and March. It was the first localized ad and content run by foodpanda Pakistan – and it’s proven to be one of the best performing campaigns.

Viewing numbers add up to a staggering 100 million+, with 500k views on YouTube and Facebook while the TV ad ran for almost a month and a half. Foodpanda succeeded in showing off the variety of food available on its platform as well as jumping on the growing trend of rap music in the country, and its own cricket anthem is bound to be remembered for years to come.


It’s impossible not to be transported to the beautiful coast of Chile after watching this sun-soaked video by PedidosYa. After hearing the song ‘Calma’ by Pedro Capó on the radio in November 2018 and predicting it would be the hit of summer 2019, our South American brand bought the rights to the track and recorded its own unique cover version.

The lyrics (and newly added rap!) highlight that PedidosYa has the best coverage in Chile, speedily delivering not only food but other products like groceries and pet products anywhere – even the beach!

Two days of intense filming in the sunshine resulted in the spot you see now, which ran on TV as well as radio, Spotify and YouTube, where it received over 20,000 views.

And it seems the team predicted right: ‘Calma’ became the most listened-to song in Chile and throughout Latin America on Spotify, making the PedidosYa’s version even more popular and memorable. Even with the adapted words, we can imagine having this track on our playlists all year round.

‘HungerStation Bahrain’

When our brand HungerStation launched in Bahrain late 2018, it made a big first impression with this musical number. The funny, informative video sees Bahraini rapper Flipperachi listing HungerStation’s key features – from discounts to order tracking – after his friends are still waiting for their food to be delivered from a different brand.

It’s already received over a million views since it was released in September – who says educational videos are boring?

03.04.19 | by Sophie Connolly