We enter the world of digital asset management with Linda and Marvin

22.02.22 | by Louise Byrnes

We talk to our photo team about the amazing work taking place on the Digital Asset Management system, or ‘The Freezer’ as it is fondly referred to at Delivery Hero.

Linda Pochinda and Marvin Kim are the go-to team for maintaining this platform, which gives our portfolio of brands from around the world access to the best and most relevant visuals to represent their service.

From executing creative photoshoots, to editing and uploading files, they tell us about what’s going on in the world of photography, and their plans to continue serving our brands with the most unique and stylish imagery.

Tell me about ‘The Freezer’, what exactly is it?

L: The Freezer is the nickname for our internal Digital Asset Management system. Simply put, it’s a cloud based platform that allows us to easily upload visual assets for all of our teams to use, wherever in the world they are located, and for whatever requirements they have.

It’s a system where we keep content- the assets stay safely preserved forever and we access them when we need them… just like a Freezer! It helps us keep everything tidy and allows users to search for exactly what they need.

M: The system gives teams independence. We might’ve created an image with a certain brand in mind, but another team could come across it on the Freezer and utilise it for their own campaign.

This sharing of assets across brands means less costs and removes the inefficiency of continuously setting up similar photoshoots or purchasing similar images.

Tell me about the new additions to The Freezer? What have you been working on lately?

L: Many of our brands have recently ventured into the quick-commerce space, delivering fresh groceries, along with other household items. To support this we have been focusing on photographing more products that reflect these kinds of supermarket-style items.

We want to make sure our brands have everything they need on the Freezer and that they are ready to promote the service and have the right content at hand.

M: Something else we are focusing on is listing images- these are images that brands can use as their main profile picture within an app. It is important that these images represent the category and what it is they are providing, so customers can quickly understand the service and make an informed decision. Photography plays a big part in the customers choice!

If vendors are not using a listing image then they are missing a trick, as their service is likely to be overlooked.

How many images can be found on the Freezer?

M: We have around 180,000 + assets on the platform, and the number is steadily increasing!

Tell me about your favourite photo series.

L: We worked on a stop motion shoot and I loved the outcome of this.

It was the first time we had done stop motion and it was so effective. I have a thing for composition, so I really enjoy doing these group shots with multiple items and playing around with the configuration.

What has been your favourite photoshoot to date?

M: A few years ago we did a big shoot on location and it was focused on delivery and the journey of the rider. There were so many people involved and we worked late into the night to get it completed, but the outcomes were great and I felt there was a massive sense of teamwork on this project. Great memories!

What is the process of maintaining the Freezer?

L: We are constantly auditing the system, looking at what gaps we have and trying to identify products that our brands don’t have content for. Quick-commerce is a great example of this, we are working through the process of creating content that showcases groceries, household items and personal care items etc.

There is always something to create, something to edit and something to upload!

What is the biggest challenge?

M: Uploading the assets! Sometimes we are talking about thousands of files at one time.

L: Tagging the files! There is no automated function for this, so we need to do this manually to make sure they are organised in the best way possible.

How do the images you create get typically used?

L: It really depends on the image. If it is a cut out image, then it can be used for a whole range of purposes, it could even be used in a video.

All of our brands are using the platform to gain access to content, and even our internal team at Delivery Hero are using images to illustrate articles, use on the website, or even on social media to promote the company. It is a system for everyone!

Do you have any Freezer plans for the future? 

M: We are always working on plans to create Freezer 2.0! We are looking at smart tagging and ways to make our workflow easier. Of course there are constant additions being made in terms of content too, so it is continuously growing and evolving.

The end goal is to truly have this working as a central platform and have it as the go to place for brands to access and store all assets. 

Tell me about your dream photoshoot if you had an unlimited budget. 

L: I would love to shoot a huge campaign. A Lot of what we do is digital, meaning it is used on social media, on websites, or within apps. But I would love to shoot something that is used on a huge OOH billboard.

Also, I absolutely love the Everyday Roastery brand, it’s always fun to shoot content for that. Perhaps we could get a cool celebrity to collaborate on a photo shoot.

M: I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand…

22.02.22 | by Louise Byrnes